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This is a reconstruction of the Geek Gadgets main site formerly found at Links have been verified and replaced with working ones, wherever possible. Dead links were marked italic. This project is not actively maintained any more, if someone is interested then please contact us..

Geek Gadgets

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Geek Gadgets (GG) is a project organized by Cronus (formerly to produce and support AmigaOS and BeOS ports of dozens of the most popular development tools and utilities from the Free Software Foundation (FSF), BSD and other sources.

Geek Gadgets provides virtually all the tools you need to get started programming on these platforms, including C, C++, Fortran, and ADA compilers, assembler, linker, EMACS editor, "make", source code control systems (rcs & cvs), text and file utilities, GNU debugger, text formatters (groff & TeX) and many more. It also provides a port of the X Window System (X11 R6.3). Have a look at the list of available packages for details.

One of the goals of Geek Gadgets is to have a completely self hosting environment. I.E. that everything within it be compilable by the provided compilers. It should be possible for the recipient of these utilities to make whatever changes or bug fixes they want in any piece of code, and then rebuild and use that fixed version (and hopefully send those changes back for integration into future releases).


The most current snapshots for each OS are available via the following ftp links (the alpha directory contains binaries that have not been fully tested, and may or may not be in sync with the CVS versions):

OS Snapshots Alpha
AmigaOS m68k-unknown-amigaos m68k-unknown-amigaos
BeOS i586-pc-beos

Mirror Sites

The Geek Gadgets master website (formerly is located in the Trondheim, Norway, an old mirror site is located in Paris, France. For a more detailed listing of all ftp and http mirrors, see Geek Gadgets mirror sites.


Most of the Geek Gadgets Documentation is written in texinfo format, from which other formats like AmigaGuide, GNU Info, DVI, PostScript and HTML files can be automatically generated. All these present the same content with the layout and access methods specific to their file format. If you prefer any format other than HTML you can download the GG-docs package in source and binary form from the Geek Gadgets mirror sites.

The Geek Gadgets Documentation Set currently consists of the following three documents and the Java FAQ:

A few topics from these documents may be especially interesting for people just getting in contact with Geek Gadgets. For your convenience these topics are listed below:


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